Modern forms of work

What is a modern form of work?

It is such a work that brings changes in arranging the work time considering family duties and in the ideal case also respecting the private life. Particularly it is e.g.

  • part-time work

  • flexible work time

  • job sharing

  • teleworking

  • compressed work week

  • and work time account.

    With these forms of work deal § 80, § 85, § 86, § 87, § 120 a § 354 of the Czech Labour Code.

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Why should employers consider establishing modern forms of work?

  • they will get loyal and motivated employees with higher work output
  • the fluctuation will decrease and the company will save money for the recruitment and the training of the novices
  • the burn-out syndrom risk of the employees will be eliminated
  • the stress at work will be eliminated
  • there will be less cases of misusing the sick leave and so called "medical examinations" when the employees needed to arrange "their own things".



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