Project CRISTAL training about work-life balance and equal opportunities of women and men 

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Presentation about work-life balance and flexible forms of work by Nina Bosničová,
project manager of Gender Studies, o.p.s.

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Renata Steinerová, manager of the information and education centre of the project CRISTAL

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Discussion among the HR managers

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Personalists write down notes during Nina Bosničová´s presentation about work-life balance 

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Nina Bosničová, Gender Studies, o.p.s.

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Presentation of Marie Oujezdská from the National Centre for the Family

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From the left: Jana Brabcová, project CRISTAL supervisor and CEO of Grafia, s.r.o.
and Marie Oujezdská from National Centre for the Family

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Nina Bosničová and the HR managers of Pilsen region

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Jana Brabcová, Renata Steinerová

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HR managers who absolved CRISTAL trainings are given certificate 
of achievement 

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Discussion about the new Law Code

Project CRISTAL training about establishing company kindergartens
Pilsen, 16th November 2011

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Ing. Vladimíra Michnová, HR manager of Linet Ltd. is speaking about her experience from establishing and running company kindergarten and about the necessary legislative.

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HR managers of Pilsen region

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Short documentary about Linet company kindergarten

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After establishing a company kindergarten you can face to legislative obstructions. How to solve them?

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Questions and answers

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Activities of Linet kindergarten were inspirative for everybody

CRISTAL presented at the exhibition Adult education in Pilsen region (Pilsen, 7th - 11th Nov. 2011)

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Project CRISTAL presented at the conference
Quo vadis education in Pilsen region?
(8th Nov. 2011)

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Mgr. Jana Brabcová, CEO of Grafia, s.r.o., regional coordinator of  
AIVD CR, author and supervisor of the CRISTAL project

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Presentation of project CRISTAL during The weeks of adult education at the Plzeňský informační kotlík event (9th Nov. 2011)

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Project CRISTAL training about part time working, compressed work week, job sharing and flexible work time
Plzeň, 20. 10. 2011

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Regional training in Klatovy

11th Oct. 2011

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Renata Steinerová and Štěpánka Pirnosová are introducing the project CRISTAL

Project CRISTAL training about teleworking
Pilsen, 15th Sept. 2011

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Tereza Schořovská speaking about teleworking

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